Pet Grooming in Penrith

We offer a range of grooming and hydrobath services for both dogs and cats and rabbits.

Grooming may consist of a full body clip, a hygiene clip (between paw pads and bottom area), face trims and/or baths.
We can personalise the groom to suit your pet and your lifestyle.

Optional extras include nail trims, ear cleaning, ear plucking, and expressing anal glands.
Our hospital is also equipped to perform grooms with sedation for pets who may become anxious or aggressive when handled.

Check out the photos of our beautiful patients we have groomed here recently below:
Max the Miniature Schnauzer, Bijou the Ragdoll-Cross, Kodak the Groodle, Coco the Ragdoll, Bruce the Spoodle, Barnie the Cavoodle
, Harry the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Raven the Miniature Schnauzer, Minion the Toy Poodle, Frankie the Maltese-Cross, Jellybean the Cavoodle, Trixie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Teddy the Cavoodle.


                    Before and after our pet grooming in Penrith



















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