Puppy Pre School

Enrol Your Pet in Our Puppy Preschool in the Penrith area

Puppy Pre School Benefits

Bringing a new puppy home is a wonderful experience.

Puppies have a period of socialisation up to the age of 4 months old, during which time we encourage you to expose your puppy to as many new experiences as possible. But you must also protect them from exposure to disease. Puppy pre school is an excellent and safe way to provide this social contact for your puppy.


Social Benefits

Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital Puppy Pre School provides puppies with an opportunity to interact with other dogs before and during the training session.  Dog-to-dog interaction is vital when it comes to ensuring that a puppy develops good social skills.

By attending Puppy Pre School your puppy will learn to associate the visit to the veterinary hospital with good times and treats, and will love coming to visit for vaccinations, desexing and annual check-ups.


Owner-Puppy Relationship Benefits

Enrolling a puppy in our classes isn’t just a chance to teach new skills, it is also an opportunity to bond and improve communications between you and your new puppy.

Our experienced dog trainers provide owners with guidance and training methods that will best accommodate a particular puppy’s learning style.

Puppies also learn to experience what it is like to process and perform simple commands amidst distraction.


Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital Puppy Pre School

Our Puppy Pre School aims to:

  • Socialise puppies with other dogs and people.
  • Start basic obedience training using positive reinforcement and reward.
  • Identify any potential behavioural problems early, so that measures can be introduced to modify that behaviour. For example, chewing, digging, biting, barking, stay, come, fear of loud noises, fear of strangers/visitors to the home and much more.
  • Educate owners on all aspects of puppy development, training and pet care.
  • Help make veterinary visits more enjoyable for dogs, owners and veterinary staff.
  • Get puppies off to a good start so they become well controlled, well behaved and socially acceptable adults.
  • Teach good manners to your puppy, so that you and your pet live happily ever after.
  • How to perform a health check on your puppy.
  • Teach children how to safely interact with puppies.


Who Can attend?

Puppies from 6 weeks up to 16 weeks of age can attend the Puppy Pre School.

You puppy must have at least their first puppy vaccination in order to attend. Documentation will be required.


Location of Puppy Pre School

Puppy Pre School is held in the reception area of the Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital.

The floors are cleaned with disinfectant prior to Puppy Pre School commencing, to ensure the safest possible environment for your puppy.


Cost of Puppy Pre School

Puppy Pre School costs $140.00 for the entire 5 week course.

Prepayment is required to reserve your place in the class.

To ensure that owners and puppies get lots of attention and time to practice, we restrict class numbers. 


What to Do Before and What To Bring

Bring a collar and a lead.

All puppies must be on a lead at all times unless otherwise instructed.

Carry your puppy from your car to and from the veterinary hospital reception area.

Do not feed close to the time of the class as we use Liver treats for training.

If your puppy is a fussy eater it is recommended that you bring some of their favourite treats, however liver treats will be supplied

Bring yourself and your family along! All members of the family are welcome to come. It helps develop unity and consistency in your puppy's learning.


When does Puppy Pre School Commence?

Puppy Pre School is run monthly with classes starting the first week of every month. Refer below for start dates.

The course is comprised of 4 weekly classes.

The classes usually run on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night.

The classes start at 7pm and last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Please contact us on 4736 2027 for the next available Puppy Pre School dates and to book your puppy in.





Free Puppy Health Check

We offer all puppies a FREE health examination with the veterinarian, where we will examine the puppy and go over all of the basic health care needs.


Dog Trainers

Rachel and Lizzie are both fully qualified Veterinary Nurses at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Rachel and Lizzie have been trained by Jill King, who successfully trained our puppy preschool classes for over 15 years.

Rachel and Lizzie are currently undertaking the Delta Dog Training course.


Adolescent Dog Training - Dogwise Behaviour and Training

Dogs from 4 months of age and older are advised to contact Dogwise Behaviour and Training.

Contact Dave Turner on 0414 341 680.


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