Sydney Dog Lovers Show 2015

Dog Lovers Show Was Fantastic

The Sydney Dog Lovers Show on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th August 2015 at The Hordern Pavilion was fantastic!

Camille Brandt attended the Dog Lovers Show as a special guest of Rose-Hip Vital and took Pony and Bella. Camille answered numerous questions from the public at the Rose-Hip Vital stall. Pony was the star of attention and loved getting patted by everyone!

I was so proud of Pony and Bella, they loved all of the attention. Pony was such a crowd pleaser. Bella was clever (as usual), she just laid down and let the people come to her for a pat. Pony walked up to everyone for a pat and by lunchtime he needed a well earned nap.

The Sydney Dog Lovers Show had over 150+ exhibitors showcasing dog products and services in Australia. So many freebies!

There were so many celebrities, including Dr Katrina & The Wonderdogs, Dr Lisa Chimes (Bondi Vet), James & Anthony (Village Vets Australia on the The LifeStyle Channel) and Laura Vissaritis (Dognitive Therapy) as MC.

What a great weekend!

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