Meet Our Team


Dr Camille Brandt

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc(Hons I), MVS(SAP))

Camille grew up in the Blue Mountains and attended Springwood High School. Camille completed a Science Degree at Macquarie University, before completing a Veterinary Science Degree at Sydney University, which she graduated from with First Class Honours in 2001. Camille has taken up veterinary posts in Campbelltown, the Blue Mountains and Liverpool regions. During this time Camille also completed a Master of Veterinary Studies at Murdoch University.

Camille also worked as an emergency veterinarian at the Veterinary Specialist Centre. There is not much in the way of small animal care that Camille has not seen or treated. Camille has a strong interest in surgery and small animal medicine. Camille purchased the Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in January 2010.

When Camille is not at work, she spends her time dedicated to her own pets, Pony (Great Dane cross Bull Mastiff), Leo the Labrador, and Dexter (staffordshire).

Camille's aim as a veterinarian is to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. She also encourages preventative treatments as they are often better than a cure and more cost-effective.


Dr Jonathan Young

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Jonathan graduated from Sydney University in 2008. Jonathan started at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in March 2016.

Jonathan is experienced in small animal practice, and has undertaken further education in surgery, diagnostic imaging, dermatology, and feline medicine. He is competent in dental procedures, soft-tissue surgery, and in the long-term care of dogs with Cushing's disease (hyperadrenocorticism) and diabetes.

His current passion is in refining his approach to all aspects of feline and canine medicine. He will take the time to tailor the health care for each individual pet and pet-owner.

In his spare time he takes his folks out for lunch and likes to grow vegetables in their backyard. His interest in veterinary science probably started from looking after many critters whilst growing up, including mice, budgerigars, zebra finches, ducks, Black Moor goldfish, Dwarf rabbits, and house-sitting for his friends' dogs and cats. He hopes one day to have a house with an automatic sensor tap, so that his cat can have flowing spring-water any time of the day.


Dr Jennie Smith

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons II))

Jennie grew up in the northern suburbs of Sydney where she first decided she would become a Veterinarian at the age of five.
She spent two years studying Medical Science at the University of Sydney before entering the Veterinary Science degree which she completed in 2000. Early in her career Jennie spent time working in the north of England and in Wales. She was also able to pursue her interest in wildlife by volunteering at the Veterinary Quarantine Centre at Taronga Zoo for two years. Since this time Jennie has worked at various small animal hospitals in western Sydney.

Jennie is passionate about improving the welfare of animals and making a difference to all her patients. She feels all her patients are equally important and strives to make a difference through both prevention and treatment.
Jennie started working part time at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in October 2015.

She has two young children, two dogs and a crazy feline who keep her busy the rest of the week.

Dr Lesca Sofyan

Veterinarian (BAVBS (Hons II), MVS,DVM)

Lesca is our new graduate veterinarian. She graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and also holds qualifications in Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (Honours II) and Masters in Veterinary Studies.

We employed Lesca in April 2020, during her final year of study.

In her work since April, she has already met many of our patients and familiarized herself with our hospital.

Lesca always looks forward to meeting her clients and patients and loves seeing them again. She focuses on ensuring their visit is always one of a high standard and hopes she can be a part of your pet’s journey through their whole life.

Dr Lydia Lee

Veterinarian (BVB, DVM)

Lydia grew up in Sydney and graduated from the University of Sydney in 2020 with the combined Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.

Lydia is looking forward to meeting the clientele of Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital and all their well loved pets and would love to be a big part of ensuring each and every pet has the best quality of life. She aims to practice the  best quality of veterinary medicine to ensure each pet lives out their lives in the fullest way possible. 

Lydia started full time employment at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in February 2021.


Lizzie De Jonge

Practice Manager (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Lizzie completed work experience at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in June 2012. Lizzie then joined our team as a Kennel Hand in June 2013. Lizzie completed the Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV in July 2016.

​​Lizzie began teaching the Puppy Preschool at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in Dec 2015. Lizzie is enjoying the hands on experience with Puppy Preschool.

Lizzie completed the Delta Institute Certificate IV in Companian Animal Services in December 2019, which is an animal behaviour and training course.


Lizzie has had many animals during her life time, at the moment she has 3 cats (Moo Cow, Missy and Donut), and a Labrador cross (Sonny).

"After a week of work experience, I never thought only a year later would I be working here at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital, but I wouldn't work anywhere else! Everyone here is always willing to help out and share their knowledge where ever possible."

Lizzie was promoted to Practice Manager in January 2019.


Renai Lewis


Renai has grown up in the Penrith area and has seen many changes over the years. After managing a local business for 12 years, Renai was delighted to combine her three greatest passions together: managing a business, customer service and her love for animals.

Renai joined the team in August 2014 where she was warmly welcomed by all.

Renai has 3 furbabies including: Ally (Golden Labrador), Cooper (Labrador), Lenny the cat and Flick (a naughty Lorikeet). Renai adores her pets and spends every spare minute with them, when she is not busy being a wife and mum to 4 adult children.

Renai enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family, cooking, renovating and roadtrips.

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of the team here at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital.”

Jessica Guthrie (nee Hollman)

Senior Vet Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Jessica completed TAFE work experience with us and joined our team in Jan 2015 as a kennel hand. Jessica has always wanted to work with animals ever since she was little, she has grown up with a passion for all animals.

Jessica completed the Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV in July 2016.

Jessica has had many different kinds of animals in her lifetime currently owning her river turtle Sheldon, a blue tongue Olly, her cockatiel Toggle, many different fish and a Norwegian Elkhound named Tahoe.

Jessica loves working at Orchard Hills and is looking forward to working towards her dream job as a veterinarian.

Jessica was promoted to Senior Nurse in January 2019.

Rachel Kent

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Rachel graduated as a Veterinary Nurse in December 2012 at Richmond TAFE and has not looked back since. She enjoys every aspect of being a veterinary nurse, especially seeing our loved ones recover to their usual happy selves. Rachel has always loved animals and knew that she wanted to work in a job that involved helping them. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family when she is not at work. Rachel has a much loved Labrador Molly, and Jinx the cat.

​Rachel began teaching the Puppy Preschool at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in Dec 2015. Rachel is enjoying the hands on experience with Puppy Preschool.

Rachel joined the team at Orchard Hills in October 2013. "It is a wonderful clinic to work at and I am so glad I am a part of the team!"

Rachel returned from maternity leave for part time work in February 2020.

Rachel is currently on maternity leave with her second child from November 2020.

Sophie Mead

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Sophie has been completing her TAFE work experience with us for her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing since June 2016, and joined our team in October 2016 as a Kennel Hand. Sophie started a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies majoring in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at Sydney University in Feb 2018, with the aspiration of becoming a veterinarian. We are so proud of Sophie!

Sophie has owned a variety of pets throughout her life but has always had a particular fondness for the cats in the family. At the moment, Sophie has 2 dogs (Teddy and Trixie), as well as her 3 very spoiled cats (Angus, Casper and Tallulah).

Orchard Hills has become a second home to Sophie, and she loves being able to see the smiling faces of colleagues, clients, and patients alike.

Carly Hopkins

Veterinary Nurse

Carly has been veterinary nursing since 2002, completing her studies in 2006.

Carly started working at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in 2010 and left for maternity leave in 2011.

After 5 years as a stay at home mum, Carly is very excited to be back working with the team.

Carly has 3 fur babies, Jessie a 13 year old German Shepherd, Hemi a 7 year old BullTerrier and Dixie a 1 year old Swiss Shepherd.

In her spare time, Carly loves spending time with her family, going to the beach, going to concerts and walking her fur babies.

Chelsea Burcher

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Chelsea started her work placement with Tafe at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in January 2017 and joined our team in August 2017 as a Kennel Hand. Chelsea completed her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing at Richmond TAFE in June 2018.


Chelsea has always wanted to work with animals since a young age and has one dog, Meg an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier.


Chelsea loves working at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital and being part of the team. She is excited to see what the future holds.

Jessica King

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Jessica has previously worked with Jennie our Veterinarian and was highly recommended. Jessica had just finished Maternity leave and was employed in December 2019 as a part time veterinary nurse at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital. We look forward to using Jessica’s experience and knowledge.

Lachlan De Giorgio

Kennel Hand

Lachlan started work at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in December 2017 after completing a week of work experience.

He has a dog named Chloe and a bird named Bob. Lachlan loves playing sport.

He always looks forward to coming to work to help people and see smiles on faces. Lachlan is excited to be part of the team.

Lachlan finished the HSC in November 2019. Lachlan started a Bachelor of Policing at Western Sydney University in March 2020.

Renee Cefai

Kennel Hand

Renee completed year 12 HSC course while also completing a Tafe course, Certificate II, Introduction to Animal Studies. Renee completed her Tafe work placement at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital. Renee joined our team as a Kennel Hand and Groomer in October 2019.

Renee started studying at Tafe Veterinary Nursing Cert IV in August 2021.

Renee has had a passion for animals since she was little. She has had a variety of animal whilst growing up such as dogs, cats, birds including Alexandra, Ring Neck and Rainbow lorikeet. She has also had Guinea pigs, cows, chickens, goats and fish. Renee has also had experience in hand raising birds and puppies. Now Renee owns two dogs, Milly a Cavalier King Charles and Newman a Maltese Terrier.

Tara De Angelis

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

I began TAFE placement at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in February 2020 and was lucky enough to be hired in April during the Coronavirus crisis. I love working here as everyone is so passionate about the wellbeing of animals.  
I have two beautiful Dobermanns (Indie and Kai) as well as two cats (Parker and Smoosh). I enjoy spending time outdoors like going to the beach, camping or spending time on my grandparents farm. I love how much I get to learn from all of the nurses and veterinarians here at Orchard Hills.

Zane Robertson

Kennel Hand

Zane joined our team in July 2020 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at Western Sydney University.

Zane has grown up with pets and loves all animals.

Jacynta Turner

Kennel Hand

Jacynta grew up in Orchard Hills and moved to New Zealand for a couple of months. She is in year 8 at High School.

Jacynta started working at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital in November 2020 and she was welcomed into the team like family.

Jacynta has 4 dogs at the moment, Buddy, Jr, Rose and Spud. Her first dog was named Daisy, who was born on her birthday, and had hearts all over her fur. 

"I have always loved animals since I remember, I will always have a passion for helping animals and the people that work around them."


Cesar Mena

Senior Vet Nurse (Veterinary Technician (USA))

Cesar grew up in Miami, Florida, USA. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Animal, Poultry and Veterinary Sciences with a concentration in Animal Nutrition, at Tuskegee University in Alabama, USA in 2009. Cesar is currently pursuing his Doctor of veterinary Medicine Degree at the University of Sydney. He has worked as a veterinary technician for over 20 years in the USA, working in a variety of different practices.

Cesar has extensive experience with a wide variety of animals, ranging from dogs, cats, horses, pocket pets, large animals, reptiles, birds and fish. 

When not busy working or attending classes, Cesar enjoys scuba diving, aquaculture, reading, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Cesar completed 2 weeks of University placement at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital and we were so impressed, we offered him a job.

Cesar began casual employment in February 2021.

Ethan Augustus

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Ethan is a Penrith local who joined our team in December 2021.

He is currently studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Sydney.

At home, Ethan has 5 cats and 1 dog. In his free time, he enjoys bouldering, reading, and walking his dog Harley.

Xinlin Dong

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Xinlin grew up in Harbin, Heilongjiang China and he is currently studying the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree at the University of Sydney. 

Xinlin has no pets currently, as he left his Geckos in China with his friends to look after.

Xinlin completed 2 weeks of University placement at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital and we were so impressed, we offered him a job.

Xinlin began casual employment in January 2022. 

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